Other species in the zoo's assortment that aren't part of a themed exhibit embody Amur tigers, blesbok, Asian small-clawed otters, red pandas, great white pelicans, gemsbok, sloth bears, meerkats, aardvarks, Cape porcupines, frequent ostriches, reticulated giraffes, southern white rhinoceroses, Przewalski's wild horses, chimpanzees, American flamingos, northern rockhopper penguins, Grévy's zebra, African wild canine, bongo, hippopotamus, pygmy hippopotamus, scimitar-horned oryx, waterbuck, African penguins and ring-tailed lemurs. As a consequence of its measurement, contained in the park, guests may stroll, use the zoo's bus service, or drive their very own vehicles between the varied animal enclosures, or by means of an 'Asian' space the place some animals are allowed to roam free around the cars.

Passage Through Asia is a big paddock with no boundaries between guests and the animals. Opened in 2008, this exhibit is home to a gaggle of cheetahs, and features displays that inform guests about ZSL's cheetah conservation venture in Tanzania. Their paddock is seven acres, and features three pools, mud wallows and mud baths. The pleasure of African lions included two adult females named Mashaka-Lia and Kachanga, three younger males named Neo, Toto and Max, and a younger feminine named Kia. During 1940, 41 bombs fell on the park with little harm to the zoo construction; a 3-yr-outdated giraffe named Boxer, which had been born on the zoo, was frightened to dying by the explosions.

The zoo reported that Anna's loss of life was on account of an infection associated to the nonetheless birth and that she did not "die in agony". There was 토토사이트 추천 that the elephant suffered painful and pointless surgery in the course of the start. The park covers 600 acres (2.4 km2), and might be located from miles to the north and from the air because of the Whipsnade White Lion, a big hill figure carved into the aspect of the Dunstable Downs (part of the Chiltern Hills) under the white rhino enclosure. The zoo was criticized for euthanizing the bears, after they used a fallen tree to escape into an adjacent enclosure the place they attacked a wild boar.